MJ Long (MArch RIBA) and Rolfe Kentish (MA DipArch RIBA) formed their award- winning architectural practice in May 1994. The practice grew out of Colin St John Wilson & Partners, where MJ Long was a director and where Rolfe Kentish was an associate. Our experience and skill is derived from working on the new British Library building at St Pancras and on a wide variety of other projects.

Based in Highbury, North London, Long and Kentish boasts a vast array of experience within a multitude of areas of architecture and design. Particular expertise in the programming, design and construction supervision of museums, galleries, libraries, university facilities, restaurants, new houses, artists' studios, conversion work to existing buildings, fittings and components.

MJ Long was born in the USA in 1939, and received her MArch from Yale in 1964. She has been resident in England since 1965, and worked with Colin St John Wilson from 1965 to 1996 ( as a partner since 1974). She also ran a separate practice (MJ Long architect) from 1974 to 1996. MJ Long is registered as an architect in the UK and USA. MJ is a CABE Commissioner and chairs the CABE Design Review Panel.

Rolfe Kentish was born in London in 1954 and received his MA and DipArch from Cambridge in 1980 and his UK registration in 1982. He worked with Colin St John Wilson from 1982 to 1996 (as an associate from 1989), and was an associate of MJ Long architect 1990 to 1994.
Team members - Past and present

Adrian Lau

Alan Monkton-Milnes

Alasdair Robertson

Alexander Spiller

Alice Cartledge

Alice Tsoi

Amy Hallett

Andrew Davy

Anne-Laure Gimerez

Bronwen Thomas

Cesar del Castillo

Charlotte King

David Wares

Deborah Saunt

Geraldine Reilly

Giles Woodcock

Helen Grassly

James Gallie

James Taylor

James Wilson

Jean Ward

Jenny Nilsson

Joshua Carver

Laura Miller

Linda Suggate

Lola Sheppard

Mahsima Larizadeh

Marian Harris

Marisa Pedditzi

Mark Breeze

Mark Giles

Mark Kellythorn

Maxine Keating

Mazlina Noor

Miranda Burton

Mischa Brearly

MJ Long

Monique Gorisse

Morris Hume

Oliver Beardon

Patrick Macleod

Phil O'Farrell

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Reginald Martin

Richard Prest

Rolfe Kentish

Ronald Hauber

Selena Mason

Simon Horner

Susie Hyden

Tina Prescott

Tom Sweet

Ursula McGeoch

William Mann